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We are a boutique, creative and collaborative studio based
out of Mumbai.

For Visual Post Production of Feature Films, Television & Digital Series, TVCs, Promos, Music Videos, Short Films and Documentaries.

We provide a client friendly space - clean and comfortable with all the tools you need to make your film look more amazing, topped off with homely food and hot or cold beverages.

We offer a range of editing platforms to choose from, Online and Motion Graphics as well as Colour Grading services, covering every aspect of the visual post production pipeline.

You’ll be in the company of passionate professionals and receive sound technical advice from industry experts enabling you to worry less about the deliverables and focus on taking creative decisions.

Sreeram Profile.jpg



Passion and love for media is what has driven his career choices over the years. From advertising, editing, producing

and directing across all formats and platforms to more recently… aerial cinematography! He setup one of the

first Data Management and Workflow Consultancies in the country , Sreeram is deeply invested in content creation and verticals like VR, AR and MR. His foresight and keen interest in R&D give him an

edge over his peers. Given a choice

he’d want everything in 32K.


Though he is a Creative Producer,

he loves the occasional binge edit. 

He's also an avid biker, future documentary film-maker and tech guru. He’s also a

lover of coffee, vegetarian by choice, occasionally philosophical and listens

to podcasts while driving.

Sumeet Profile.jpg



He’s our Head of Business and Strategy and has way more feathers than any cap can handle and more gadgets than a normal person would like to possess. 


With over two decades of experience of spearheading marketing and promoting his various businesses, he’s worked with some of the best production and media houses before starting his own. He’s cool, collected and righteous, super fun, suffers from OCD, making sure every drive, pen and keyboard is absolutely straight on every table.


This multi-lingual, multi-tasking machine will play technical consultant, data saviour, network manager and more with the same level of dedication and professionalism.

Ashish Profile.jpg



One more of the kind who quit engineering to do what he does now. He was supposed to go to the US to study AI and Robotics, but we’re glad this guy landed up right here. He’s the biker who will walk into the office in

slow motion, prop his helmet up on the table and the first words he will always utter be "Jeetu ek coffee please”.

Every single day.


Apart from the fact that this techie needs caffeine refuelling every couple

of hours Ashish is the go-to person at Coolab. Head of operations and our CEO, he is always a step ahead and ready to troubleshoot, and is always excited about a new update. Ashish is also the kind who will recommend the nicest music, after all he has been a part of the Indie music scene, touring with musical legends - yes, he feels right at home in an OB Van.

Anuja Profile.jpg



Open to new ideas and ready with a handful for every project, Anuja is our in-house Editing Ninja. Always in stealth mode, you’ll never hear her come in & almost never see her leave. She’s a silent killer. If there’s a series on Netflix or Amazon she’s probably already seen every episode of every season.

An Avid fan of marvel, she knows everything about that Universe and the legends within. A word of caution, this warrior’s weapon of choice is Premiere Pro CC.

Dilshad Profile.jpg



She’ll greet you with a warm smile and hug but the minute you even accidentally stretch your hands to place your cup of coffee on the grading table, the halo and wings will quickly disappear. Hell hath no fury like this woman protective of her equipment! 


She sings all the while scanning your footage with the eyes of a hawk. When she’s not grading, she’ll be wiping every fingerprint off every screen.

Jeetu Profile.jpg



He is in charge of keeping us alive with constant food and beverages and he does it well.


Making sure the place is sparkling clean to getting the food ready on time, every time, Jeetu is a Masterchef in the making.


We all sit around the tables and eat what he makes us with broad smiles on our faces. Jeetu literally adds the fuel to keep the fire within us burning.And we wouldn’t be able to do without him.

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